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Neutron Switches & Shutter

 I have designed the neutron switch, figure (a, c), working under ultra high vacuum (UHV) conditions, to achieve high neutron densities at UCN experiments at low noise.

With my design a transmission of up to 95% is achievable for a guide diameter of 50mm with an 60° angular deflection and 70mm radius (see figure (b).

Whereas, by usage of simulations and my cutting edge manufacturing technology, as well as, coating knowledge a leakage of (0.6 ± 0.2) × 10e−5 is possible.

These goals are achieved together with other experimenter friendly requirement as

  • high robustness of stainless steel (SS) at lowest possible weight  < 10kg of fully assemblies
  •  repositioning and easy SW handling 
  • Operation in any three dimensional alignment

For further projects also shutters have been designed fulfilling the same requirements. Also more than 3 way switches are possible. Further information on the switch can be found in my master thesis. You can also contact me. I am happy to answer your questions and help you with your problem.



front and 3D isometric view of the switch with connected feedthrough

(b) Traverse and coronal cross section indicated in (a)

(c) Measuring the transmission and leakage of the switch at the PF2 EDM beam line at the ILL